The Magnificent Mundane

Ice dying isn’t hard. There’s some prep time but once you have all the pieces, it’s not difficult in the least. When I plan out dropping a pair of socks or a shirt into soda ash in the perfect timeline for ice dying, I feel efficient and like a task extraordinaire. 💪🏼💪🏼

But, as much as I love that part of who I am, her counterpart gets squashed a lot because she’s not as organized or put together. She’s the one, though, that makes fearless decisions fueled by awe and wonderment. Like deciding to love a brand-new hobby so much you start selling shit to strangers ON PURPOSE.

She takes over when I’m ice dying and she’s found the joy and beauty in the most random places. The ice, of course, is obvious. And, really, it’s magnificent.

But, there is so much delight in even the mundane of this process. Like testing out what a shade of dye looks like on fabric, or how it plays with the color to it’s left and right.

Sideye colorful dye

Or … when a loose morsel of dye meets up with a water droplet and makes unicorn babies.

Who doesn’t love unicorn babies?

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