Ice Dye DIY FAQs, ok?

Last month we hosted our very first ice dye workshop. It was a colorful good time filled with laughs, ice, and lots of questions. Number one question? How do you speed up the process if we need the ice to melt? The folks attending the workshop solved the question in some of the most amazing […]

ice ice BABY

I have stumbled upon the thing I want to spend all my time on … ice dying baby onesies. I’m not sure how I could be surprised, I’ve always loved buying baby clothes. But, getting to make ’em myself? WHOLE. ‘NOTHER. LEVEL. I meannnnn. How stinkin’ cute is this? TBH, I’m not entirely sure how […]

The Sounding Joy

Have a Very Soulful Christmas.From: Sideye Tie DyeTo: You This is my first year making anything I’m proud enough to sell as a Christmas gift. If I’m being real honest, this is the first year I’m proud enough to even give away something I made as a Christmas present. I take that back … I […]

The Magnificent Mundane

Ice dying isn’t hard. There’s some prep time but once you have all the pieces, it’s not difficult in the least. When I plan out dropping a pair of socks or a shirt into soda ash in the perfect timeline for ice dying, I feel efficient and like a task extraordinaire. 💪🏼💪🏼 But, as much […]

And that meaning is TACO BELLLLLLL.

When I first started ice dying, I had all the lessons to learn. Not enough ice Okay, now, that’s probably wasting ice You are not going to run out of dye … use enough Damn, you just flooded that poor ice But once I started to feel like I’d appropriately gotten in the meatloaf*, I […]